Beyoncé fans attack wrong woman in Lemonade affair

Beyoncé fans attack wrong woman in Lemonade affair


Beyoncé’s Lemonade drop hasn’t just been popular for the artistry in her songs. Right now, it’s also carried by rumors of being Bey’s autobio on hubby Jay-Z’s affairs.

Thus, Bey’s fans are on the attack for the woman (or women) who might have caused their queen the pain she oft sings about in her album.

One person the Bey Hive zoomed in on is celebrity cook Rachel Ray.

The lifestyle and cooking host’s Instagram pics immediately got swarmed with emojis of lemonades and some, well, not so friendly comments.

In one of Ray’s posts depicting a recipe for swordfish niçoise, a commenter wrote: “Did Blue Ivy draw this Beautiful Master Piece? I’m just heartbroken! Shame on you and Jay-Z! Like y’all don’t even match. Keep your head up @beyonce”

And in a pic featuring a steak sandwich, another Hiver commented: “bet that’s exactly what you were whipping up in jayzs kitchen while Beyoncé was out performing.”

Perhaps one of the funniest cases of oopsies by Beyoncé fans was Rachel’s pic of a pork française plate with sliced lemons on top. The sight of lemons immediately drove some of the bees into overdrive, attacking Ray with comments like, “stealing beys lemons h–?” and “Would the Second plate be for Jay-Z? We all know Black Men loves Chicken. Plus you garnished it with a Lemon. Man O Man, the shade!”

Of course, at the Hive’s heels come the correctors, who immediately attacked the fans with their own shade. Here are just some flooding Rachel’s posts:

you’re so Stupid. Beyoncé got y’all f–king retarded.
Lmao @ these comments. I wonder if B already apologized for the beehives messy a–. 
Rachel ROY is who y’all are mad at…for no reason at all, really.

We’re sure Rachel RAY’s pretty much gotten herself up to snuff on the whole lemon mess. But we’re still eagerly awaiting if she’ll post anything that touches on the issue.

Perhaps a cool, refreshing jar of lemonade…?