Beyoncé slammed for credit failure

Beyoncé slammed for credit failure


Failing to give credit to a clothing line, that is.

Everyone’s favorite She-Ra appears on Elle magazine’s May issue, looking all sexy hot in her bodysuit. The Elle spread features Beyoncé wearing several pieces from her Topshop activewear line, Ivy Park. 

And while we’re all happily looking at her teaser photos, one camp is not as pleased with the mag turnout.

KD New York, a dancewear manufacturer, would like to let people know it’s not all Beyoncé and Topshop there but a little bit of KD style, too.

The Bronx-based company, which says they lent the mag over 60 items of clothing for the superstar, says Beyoncé was totally rocking THEIR leggings. However, Ivy Park took all the credit.

“We were fully credited when the story went up, and then I went back a couple of days later and it was removed,” owner David Lee says.

“Someone [from Beyoncé’s camp] called and said the credits were going to be removed without any explanation . . . If you look at what’s up online right now, it’s implying that everything there belongs to another company. We’re a dance manufacturer in The Bronx. We’re talking about Beyoncé and Topshop sharing a little bit of credit.”

The Elle issue lets readers know the list of complete fashion credits can be seen on the print issue, but the site simply mentions “Beyoncé wears Ivy Park throughout.”

A mag rep says of the change: “The format of the story was modified solely to benefit user experience and showcase the content.”

Meanwhile, KD people aren’t as forgiving, saying, “It’s complete greed. It’s disgraceful that they could not share even a fashion credit with a ‘Made in USA’ minority-owned clothing line.”

Beyoncé’s reps have yet to comment.