Bobbi Kristina ‘sister’ and former housemate opens up about drug use

Bobbi Kristina ‘sister’ and former housemate opens up about drug use

Bobbi Kristina Brown Nick Gordon
Credit: Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown-Gordon Facebook Page

More information has come to light in the Bobbi Kristina Brown case as a former friend and housemate have spoken up about Bobbi’s life before she passed away.

Danyela Bradley, one of those who were with Bobbi Kristina before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub last January, had confessed in a deposition that the 22-year-old often used illegal drugs such as marijuana and heroin and might have also possibly done crack.

Bradley and her boyfriend Max Lomas, reputed to be a drug dealer, had established a close friendship with Bobbi and her boyfriend Nick Gordon, that the couples started living together in Brown’s Roswell, Georgia townhouse.

“Me and Krissy became very, very close. Our relationship just grew as if we had [grown] into sisters up until her passing,” Bradley said of her relationship with Whitney Houston’s daughter. “When I first lived with her I didn’t know that she had actually had a problem with [drugs] until I had lived with her …for a couple of weeks. [But] I guess after a few weeks she just didn’t really hide it.”

Bradley’s statements are being questioned as contradictory to other friends’ statements. One such friend who voiced out a strong stance against Bradley and Lomas was Mason Whittaker, who has accused them and Gordon of having direct involvement in Bobbi Kristina’s death and of pressuring her to do heroin with them.

It’s unclear yet if Bradley’s deposition will be used in Gordon’s wrongful death lawsuit to determine Bobbi Kristina’s own role in taking the drugs that could have led to her eventual death. This does not rule out Gordon et. al’s culpability, though, and the three can still face charges in relation to the drugs supplied, if proven guilty.