‘BodyLab’: Jennifer Lopez Launches Fitness and Lifestyle Brand

‘BodyLab’: Jennifer Lopez Launches Fitness and Lifestyle Brand

Jennifer Lopez J Lo
Credit: J. Lo via Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is admired not only for her career and talent in the entertainment business, but women envy her physique. At age 45, Lopez is strong and youthful. Now she wants to help other women be the best that they can be when it comes to health and fitness. According to RadarOnline, Jennifer has launched a new brand, “BodyLab.”

Lopez explains that she grew up not eating the healthiest food. As she got older, she became more educated on the right foods to eat and how to properly take care of her body. With “BodyLab,” she hopes to share that knowledge.

“BodyLab” products are “designed for women by women,” but Jennifer warns that they are not a quick fix. She says,

“It’s about having supplements that work and help your body work as much as you are willing to work to achieve your goals.”

There is a free community on the Internet that can offer support. Expect to find recipes and workout plans tailored for you. There is also a “BodyLab” app.

She also said that “BodyLab” won’t just help you improve the outside, but will work on your inside, too. To give one phrase to describe the health and lifestyle brand, Lopez says that women can be the girl of their dreams. She adds,

“… BodyLab is about empowering, encouraging, enabling, and educating women to love their bodies, to be strong, to be confident, to be the best and happiest versions of themselves.”

Jennifer Lopez’s “BodyLab” products are available in stores now.