Deion Sanders wins defamation case against ex-wife Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders wins defamation case against ex-wife Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders
Credit: By Thomson200 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Deion Sanders scored a huge victory when the hall-of-famer sued his ex-wife Pilar Sanders for defamation and won. Deion’s and Pilar had a pretty nasty and well publicized split that involved police on more than one occasion. Despite some pretty ugly fights, a judge ruled that Pilar couldn’t prove domestic violence and awarded Deion $2.2 million in damages.

Sanders was making monthly spousal support payments to Pilar Sanders but with the new ruling, Deion no longer owes his ex-wife any money. As a matter of fact, Pilar is the one in debt now and will have to pay her ex-husband back more than a million dollars. Of course Pilar plans to appeal the decision.

After their dramatic split, Pilar Sanders reportedly accused Deion on social media and in interviews of abusing her during their 11-year marriage. Deion served Pilar divorce papers in 2011 after police were called to break up yet another altercation between the former couple.

Deion and Pilar have three children together. Last year the Sanders’ were back in court when Pilar was charged with contempt and was ordered to spend a week in jail. She also lost visitation of Shilo, Shelami and Shedeur after tweeting a recording of the kids supposedly claiming their father Deion Sanders abused them too.

Many feel like Pilar Sanders’ court loss is a warning to other famous women who have alleged crimes that never really happened. Deion has been very publicly battling Pilar for more than four years now, having also won full custody of his children and now a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife.