Erin Andrews agrees to ‘peephole lawsuit’ settlement

Erin Andrews agrees to ‘peephole lawsuit’ settlement


Erin Andrews has finally settled the multimillion lawsuit she filed against a hotel corporation and her stalker.

Last March, Andrews won her suit and was awarded $55 million as a result of being filmed naked while in her Nashville Marriott hotel room. In her suit, she named Mariott, West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group, and the peeping tom Michael David Barrett of being liable in the crime.

Perpetrator Barrett had been ordered to pay 51% of the damages, while West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group have to shoulder 49%. (Mariott had been absolved in the case as it neither owns or operates the Nashville hotel under a franchise agreement with West End and Windsor.)

Erin’s lawyer Randall Kinnard argued, however, that it was highly doubtful that Barrett will be able to compensate his client as ordered. The convicted stalker, who had been jailed and had filed for bankruptcy after his release, “can’t afford $100, let alone $28 million. If he could, he wouldn’t be living in my basement,” his father says.

This made Kinnard request the court to amend its decision and make the hotel group responsible for the entire amount.

Possibly, the threat and risk of another litigation has convinced the hotel’s owner and operator to offer a settlement – one which Erin has accepted.

“This litigation is over. Erin Andrews is satisfied with the settlement, the terms of which are confidential,” Kinnard announced.