Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery: ‘Botched’ Lip Injection Sends ‘Teen Mom’ to ER

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery: ‘Botched’ Lip Injection Sends ‘Teen Mom’ to ER

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom
Credit: Farrah Abraham via Twitter

Farrah Abraham, most well-known for being on MTV’s “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” as well as for her making a porn video called “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” had another cosmetic procedure done. However, this one landed her in the emergency room. The reality star posted photos of a lip injection gone bad.

We have all seen photos of lip injections that went crazy, but Farrah’s lip crisis is way beyond crazy. On Tuesday, the “Teen Mom” star posted what happened on Twitter. She also posted photos and included the caption,

“Girlfriends, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! #BOTCHED California#ER #fixit”

Once the photos went viral, the public started calling Abraham, 23, “duck face” and even compared her to Turanga Leela from “Futurama.” She took the reactions lightly, though. She posted one comparison and wrote,

“Gotta love my new look.”

This was not Farrah’s first time getting work done. In 2012, Abraham had a chin implant which was estimated to cost $21,000. Websites reported that she had the 40-minute procedure done with a local anesthetic, which means she was conscious the entire time. The procedure was featured on the CBS show, “The Doctors.” However, a year later she had it removed. A source said that the “Teen Mom” and “Couples Therapy” star was never comfortable with the implant and regretted having the procedure done.

In 2010, just one year after first appearing on television, she had a breast implant, increasing her cup size from a A to a C. In 2013, she went under the knife again, going from a C cup to a D. That same year she decided to try collagen injections. Then in November 2013, Farrah Abraham went on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and discussed all of the cosmetic procedures and surgeries she had done. Many fans believe that all of the work has destroyed her beauty and that she looked much better before going under the knife.

The “Teen Mom” turned porn star also had some work done on her daughter, Sophia, who is currently four. In January 2013, she made headlines when she waxed and tweezed her daughters eyebrows.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s botched lip injection? Do you think this will cure her of getting work done on her face or will we she continue getting procedures and cosmetic surgeries done?