James Corden debuts his own visual album: “Lemonjames”

James Corden debuts his own visual album: “Lemonjames”


They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

But we say James Corden does one better with his own masterpiece Lemonjames: A Visual Monologue.

The Late Late Show host joined in the celebration of Beyoncé’s Lemonade drop with a video parody of his own.

There, in the style of Beyoncé’s visual album, James talks about his struggles of coming up with joke after joke after joke…‘but we don’t see that.’

He talks of how he’s tired of using Trump for his comedy and, within a beat, releases another Trump joke.

He talks…and talks…in that soft, sensual slang reminiscent of Bey herself…of ‘informing the people, of speaking truth to power’…whatever his cause may be.

James even references Lemonade’s most famous line, spinning his “rival” Jimmy Fallon into his version with, “Did that make you laugh, baby? Does that make you laugh like Jimmy with the good hair?”

He then proceeds to narrate how to make lemonade. “Two pints of water…Eight juicy a– lemons…One cup o’ sugar…Another cup o’ sugar…You know what? Another cup o’ sugar… Actually this is too much work. Can someone just go out and get me a lemonade?”

That, coupled with the sight of James in nothing but women’s underwear, results in a recipe for hilarity.

If Lemonade brought the Bey Hive buzzing out in full force, Lemonjames will have everyone howling on their knees.

Catch James’ fruity…or should we say nutty…take on Beyoncé’s visual album here: