Jessica Alba Gets “Bodychecked” by Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguards

Jessica Alba Gets “Bodychecked” by Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguards


Recently, Jessica Alba has had a taste of what it’s like to be around the youngest princess of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. On Sunday she was attending the Opening Ceremony fashion show for New York Fashion Week when the actress got jostled around by a few large bodyguards, who were protecting Kylie Jenner. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Alba, 36, explained the whole scene:

“I was just really shocked. I got bodychecked! And it was like by two of them. I thought there was a fire. I guess someone was just leaving the building. Yeah, I don’t know, it was just real shocking.”

Host, Andy Cohen questioned if Alba had received an apology from the reality star. The Entourage actress confirmed she had not, but quickly added: “I’m sure they don’t know what’s happening.”

To this, Cohen joked, “Well, you look very suspicious.”

Jenner has made several appearances at the NYFW with her boyfriend, Tyga. She also walked with her sister Kendall Jenner and brother-in-law Kanye West at his Yeezy show. On Wednesday, Kylie updated her Instagram by posting a photo from a plane heading back to her home in L.A.

Perhaps it means that Jessica Alba is safe from getting bodychecked again.