Jessica Alba Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine

Jessica Alba Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine

Credits: Jessica Alba IG @jessicaalba

Jessica Alba is an early bird who does not like to over sleep and waste time. She recently shared a piece of video diary in which she revealed her timings of waking up, what she likes to eat and her simple makeup routine for a five-minute face.

Alba wakes up at 5:15 a.m. on some days and starts working out right away. In the video she says:

“A couple of times a week I wake up at 5:15 am for hot yoga class.”

But working out is not her favorite activity and it is something she tries to get out of her way ASAP:

“I’m going to be straight with you guys, I don’t like working out. But I do feel good after. It gives me energy – it just sets a good foundation for the day. Being healthy and strong helps me feel confident and beautiful.”

Waking up early isn’t easy for the mom of three either. She said:

“I need a really good alarm and a strong coffee.”

She explained how she greets the day and in the clip she also told that she likes to mix her coffee in a blender with coconut oil for a healthy caffeinated drink. She then talked about makeup:

“Something I use every day and that I can’t live without: Honest magic balm and concealer duo. My five to ten-minute beauty routine (is) primer, tinted moisturizer, and concealer. A little brow filler, bronzer, curl those lashes, add mascara and some type of lip.”

It looks like Jessica is determined to keep up this healthy routine and stay young forever.