Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Hit With Another Lawsuit

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Hit With Another Lawsuit


Jessica Alba has more reasons to worry these days.

While she has garnered a lot of success – and moolah – with her Honest Co., the corporation finds itself in the midst of yet another complaint over its products’ ‘false labels.’

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a nonprofit public interest organization, has filed a lawsuit against Alba’s company earlier this month for “falsely representing its Premium Infant Formula as organic” when, in fact, it contains several “synthetic ingredients not allowed in organic food by federal law.”

The suit goes on to enumerate some of the ingredients found in the infant formula that are federally regulated as hazardous compounds, such as sodium selenite, ascorbyl palmitate, cholecalciferol, and calcium pantothenate.

OCA says more than a quarter of the 40 ingredients listed in Honest Co.’s infant formula are synthetic substances and that the company cannot market its product as “organic” under California law rules that state “no product should be sold as organic unless it . . . consists entirely of products manufactured only from raw or processed agricultural products except . . . non-agricultural substances.”

This isn’t new to the consumer goods company who has been slapped with several legal complaints over the past years…again, for its false advertising.

Back in September, the brand was accused of being “deceptive and misleading” by selling eco-friendly products that actually contain synthetic materials, while just last March, a woman filed a class action suit on the basis that Honest’s cleaning products uses sodium lauryl sulfate – a synthetic compound that’s also a known irritant.

Alba and Honest reps have yet to respond to the OCA suit.