Kobe Bryant opens up about failure to win 6 rings

Kobe Bryant opens up about failure to win 6 rings

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has announced that this current NBA season will be the Los Angeles Lakers’ star’s last. With retirement looming, many Lakers fans have been asking Kobe how he feels about he impact he has had on basketball. It’s no secret that Bryant always wanted to win six NBA championship rings so he could have just as many as Michael Jordan. Now that it’s become clear that Kobe will be stepping down with just five rings, the iconic Los Angeles Laker is talking about how he feels going out one ring short.

In an interview with TNT’s Ernie Johnson on Thursday, he was asked about how he felt to be bowing out now. Kobe Bryant responded that he was fine. Of course Bryant isn’t excited to be giving up the epitome of his dream. Of course Kobe has already done so much more than the average person but he wanted to be known as the best in basketball. Rather than measuring everything by Michael Jordan’s standards, Kobe wanted basketball players for generations to come to be measuring themselves against himself.

It was looking like Bryant might actually achieve his goal of six championship rings until his Achilles injury in 2013. Ever since that point, the Black Mamba has been nursing injury after injury as he still attempted to guide the Los Angeles Lakers to another title. It never happened though and each for the past two seasons, the Lakers barely even made the playoffs.

Now that the 2015-16 season has started out for the Los Angeles Lakers worse than the previous two, Kobe has decided to throw in the towel. For the rest of the current NBA season, pretty much all Laker games will be considered Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour and Kobe Bryant will be leaving the NBA with only five championship rings.