Lil’ Kim showcases shocking transformation

Lil’ Kim showcases shocking transformation


Lil’ Kim no more?

The Hard Core rapper showed there’s no going little on cosmetic procedures to get the look she wants.

And, boy, it’s a whole ‘nother look she wants, alright.

Lil’ Kim, or Kimberly Denise Jones, has been no stranger to plastic surgery, debuting varying degrees of transformation to her face through the years.

But this year may just mark her most drastic change yet.

For not only has Kim changed her face and hair, her skin has also gone remarkably white.

This comes as a shock, especially for fans of African American heritage like her and who are taking her (suspected) skin bleaching as a rejection of their color.

Kim’s changes (the cheek, nose, and chin implants, the light-colored contacts, and the dyed blonde hair) do seem to hint at a progression similar to a Michael Jackson complex. And fans were aggressive in showing their disdain, posting comments like:

Delete this shit, this ain’t you no mo!!
She wants to be white so bad smh smh
Who is this! oh shit that’s Kim! ? how the hell she Caucasian now!? ??
What’s happened to her, she’s acting like a freaky fake 20 year old

While some had more serious messages they wanted to impart:

This is sad. There was nothing wrong with you to begin with.
I’m so sad you don’t want to look like a black girl smh this Kim the Kim in this pic would have done so much for so many black girls today so sad.
I hope you don’t teach your baby to hate her skin too! You were so beautiful & confident. I loved how strong & powerful you was. This is not the same Lil’ Kim everyone fell in love with. ?

Head on over to Kim’s Instagram to see the changes she’s made.

But even with all the physical transformations, one thing that seems to have remained constant is Li’l Kim’s tireless devotion to promoting her career in social media. Cheers to that!