Marijuana May Help Treat and Prevent These Health Conditions

Marijuana May Help Treat and Prevent These Health Conditions

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Credit: bogdam via Wikimedia Commons

Marijuana has gotten a bad rap, but times (and laws) are changing. Many people have known for decades that it helps prevent and treat certain health conditions. The list is exhaustive, but here are four diseases that marijuana has been shown to help prevent and/or treat.

Alzheimer’s Disease

NBC reported that THC may prevent Alzheimer’s disease from progressing. IBT further reported that THC seems to prevent a certain enzyme from accelerating the formation of those particular plaques. The research also revealed that THC can help prevent protein clumps that affect memory and cognitive abilities. Not only can it help prevent them, but it can do so more effectively than commercially marketed drugs.

Multiple Sclerosis

It has been believed for quite some time that marijuana is beneficial for MS patients. However, a recent clinical trial revealed that many MS patients experienced less pain in their arms and legs when they used marijuana.


Glaucoma can lead to blindness, but researchers believe that marijuana can help with this condition. Specifically, marijuana reduces and relieves the pressure that causes damage to the optic nerves.

Hepatitis C

The University of California at San Francisco revealed that marijuana helps increase the effectiveness of Hepatitis C drug therapies. Those medications have severe side effects. However, smoking marijuana once every 1-2 days helped patients reach a “sustained virological response.”

Researchers have known for decades that marijuana has health benefits and can be used as a treatment for several conditions. Now that many states are legalizing it, more clinical trials, studies and research is being done. The results only bring good news to patients struggling with all sorts of health conditions.