Master P claims he beat Michael Jordan at basketball

Master P claims he beat Michael Jordan at basketball

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Master P claims to have beaten Michael Jordan in a pick up basketball game years ago and that’s not all the rapper is claiming about the Chicago Bulls icon.

Some may have already forgotten that back in the day, Master P really tried to have a career in the NBA. The No Limit Records mogul was originally drafted to the Charlotte Hornets for the 1998-99 season but never made it past training camp.

That wasn’t Master P’s only chance at a basketball career. The following year, the iconic rapper spent another session of training camp with other NBA hopefuls. This time Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, played his heart out for the Toronto Raptors. He even scored eight points against the Memphis Grizzlies in an exhibition game but again did not get to play in the regular season.

Everyone knows that Master P had high hopes for an NBA career but many weren’t aware that Miller played basketball with Michael Jordan. The rapper even claims to have beaten Jordan several years back and he reminded everyone of that story recently in an interview with Complex magazine.

As the story goes, Master P’s son Romeo Miller, formerly known as Lil Romeo, was attending one of Michael Jordan’s basketball camps back in 1999. Well Romeo called up his famous father to complain that Jordan was giving him a hard time for wearing his dad’s No Limit brand shoes on the court instead of Michael Jordan’s brand that we’re so familiar with.

Percy Miller felt that his son should wear whatever shoes that he wanted. So Master P hopped a flight and showed up at the basketball camp where his son was training. Master P claims that he challenged Michael Jordan to a pick up game over his son’s shows. According to the story, Master P with the help of then-future NBA players Ron Artest and Gilbert Arenas beat Jordan and a couple of his NBA pals in the impromptu game, winning Romeo Miller the right to keep wearing his dad’s No Limit shoes.