Is The Rumored Beyonce – Jay Z Divorce A Ruse To Sell...

Is The Rumored Beyonce – Jay Z Divorce A Ruse To Sell Albums?


If this is true, then we must commend both Beyonce and Jay Z for being the marketing geniuses that they are.

We’ve all heard the rumors of an impending split between two of the biggest names in the music industry right now – with infidelity plastered all over Jay Z’s name. But as it turns out, all of this might just be part of an elaborate plan to sell more albums, Beyonce’s new album ‘Lemonade‘ that is, which stormed to the No.1 spot of the Billboard 200.

Yes, you read that right, a ruse to sell more albums. And just to solidify that premise, some of Beyonce’s songs on the said album put even more fire to the divorce rumors, which probably landed the couple even more dollar signs stemming from all the speculation. An example of which is the album’s fourth track entitled, ‘Sorry’ in which Beyonce had lines like ”Becky with the good hair,” supposedly referring to one of Jay Z’s other lovers.

One insider said in an interview:

”They’re marketing masters. They’re pros at this. The more attention, the more they sell, the better. All that speculation is to get press when they need it.”

”Lemonade is much deeper than infidelity, but that’s the focus,” the insider added.

”As long as people are talking, they don’t care.”

Another source said:

”They develop these storylines to sell albums. Lemonade is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyonce are entertainers at the top of their game.”

Beyonce and Jay Z are widely-recognized as one of the world’s most profitable couples, with a combined net worth of around $1 Billion. And judging from how both of them ran this elaborate marketing campaign for ‘Lemonade,’ it is certainly looking like they intend to keep it that way.

Bravo Beyonce. Good job Jay.