Seattle Seahawks not happy with Jimmy Fallon ‘Superlatives’

Seattle Seahawks not happy with Jimmy Fallon ‘Superlatives’

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The Seattle Seahawks were not happy recently with a segment by Jimmy Fallon on his talk show “The Tonight Show.” So what do the ‘Hawks do? They get a little revenge.

Apparently a few players from the Seattle Seahawks weren’t all that impressed by all the jokes Fallon made about the team during his infamous “NFL Superlatives” segment of his show. Jimmy Fallon often poked fun at the players by making jokes about their physical appearance, their prowess on the field and pretty much anything else that might draw a laugh.

Jimmy Fallon first took aim at the Seattle Seahawks just before their week 1 debut. Fallon made jokes about J.R. Sweezy, Jon Ryan, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch in the segment at the beginning of the season. Then when the Seattle NFL team was getting ready to face off in a home game against the Arizona Cardinals this week, Fallon went for them again.

Tables turned on Jimmy when the Seahawks struck back. Some of the players decided to give Fallon a bit of his own medicine when they made a tape about him. The Seahawks players took turns with their own version of superlatives. Some of the best lines of the night included one player asking why Jimmy Fallon keeps making fun of football players. He said, “Jimmy Fallon must be a pretty big guy…” Then when shown a picture of Fallon he goes, “Oh he’s petite!” Some other hilarious lines from the comeback include:

“Most likely never to get right swiped on tinder.”

“Most likely to have a zumba membership.”

“Most likely to get a wedgie from JR Smith — and like it.”