Sinead O’Connor: Facebook page taken down after more suicide threats

Sinead O’Connor: Facebook page taken down after more suicide threats

Sinead O'Connor
Credit: Sinead O'Connor via Twitter

Sinead O’Connor recently threatened suicide on her official Facebook page. The Irish singer wanted to end her life because those close to her, including family, “betrayed” her. It was previously reported that officials checked on Sinead and she was “safe and sound.” A source also revealed that the musician was receiving medical treatment. However, Sinead O’Connor has once again threatened suicide, according to People magazine. After a series of disturbing and alarming posts, Sinead’s Facebook page was taken down.

According to the report, Sinead O’Connor has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to childhood abuse. On Wednesday, her Facebook page was taken down after loved ones convinced Sinead to leave the social networking site.

Prior to leaving Facebook, Sinead O’Connor posted more alarming posts. The singer seems to feel that her children don’t care about her. She wrote,

“You haven’t been back. Please, why are you doing these things to me?”

The 48-year-old added,

“I need you. I need your love. I can’t manage what’s being done to me. I didn’t do anything to deserve the way I’m being treated.”

Sinead O’Connor also vented,

“To hear that you were here and left was agony. Now I am utterly alone. Please. Please love me. Please come to the hospital and spend time with me and help Fix all this. Please. I’m. Begging you…. Don’t leave me so frightened and alone. Don’t treat me like I’m not loved and am worth nothing. Please. If you love me even a little please come and be with me and help me understand what’s happening.”

Earlier today, Sinead O’Connor posted another suicide threat on Facebook before the page was taken down. The post read,

“If a woman doesn’t first succeed… She’ll try, try again. #iWantMyRightToDieAndIWillClaimIt.”