These Sleep Disorders Could Get You Arrested

These Sleep Disorders Could Get You Arrested


There are several sleep disorders that range from being a nuisance to those that are more severe. Insomnia, narcolepsy, night terrors and sleeping are examples of well-known sleep disorders. But what if there was a sleep disorder that could get you arrested and even sent to prison? It turns out that there are actually a few of them.

REM Behavior Disorder

Those with REM behavior disorder act out their dreams. Many of us have seen a family member yell out or kick their legs occasionally while sleeping. However, with REM behavior disorder it is much worse. Some actually get out of bed and start running around or they can become violent. If someone with this sleeping disorder punches his wife or stabs her husband, they could get arrested, especially if knowledge of the disorder is unknown.

Treatment includes medication, commonly clonazepam. Sometimes antidepressants and/or melatonin are also prescribed. Those with this disorder need to make sure their bedrooms are free from sharp objects or anything that can cause injury. Until the condition is under control, it might be safer for them to sleep alone.


Those with sexsomnia act out sexually while sleeping. It could be mild, such as moaning or masturbating. Others may go a bit further and have intercourse. Then there are those with sexsomnia who perform sex acts while sleeping that they do not do when awake. This can be dangerous and criminal if they sexually assault or rape someone. There have been a few cases around the world of defendants being acquitted of rape, sexual assault and child molestation because of the argument that they were sleeping when the crime occurred.

Treatment includes medication and eliminating drugs and alcohol. It is recommended that the patient sleep alone until the issue is handled as well as making the sleeping environment safe.

Sleep disorders can be dangerous and disruptive. If you believe you have a sleep disorder or if someone tells you about strange things you don’t remember doing, see a doctor.