This girl won a brand new car. What she does next will...

This girl won a brand new car. What she does next will surprise you…

Credit Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel

Is it impolite to give back a gift? Not when you’re Erin Byrnes.

This charitable girl won a $70,000 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV at a raffle and gave it back.

13-year-old Erin decided to enter a raffle organized by Joseph’s House, an organization dedicated to expectant mothers with unplanned pregnancies. And even though she wasn’t eligible, this little girl must’ve had a good dose of intuition and spent $500 of her own money on tickets.

Erin’s reasons are far from selfish, though. Instead of keeping the prize for her family’s use, Erin decided Joseph’s House could benefit from the car and gifted it back to them.

What a sweetheart!

Watch this little girl and her mother explain their reasons for the very generous gift:




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