Tina Knowles affirms Lemonade’s “(not so) hidden messages”

Tina Knowles affirms Lemonade’s “(not so) hidden messages”


There’s someone else who’s speaking up about the juicy stories in the Lemonade album…and it’s a pretty good authority, if we do say so.

Beyoncé’s mom took to her Instagram to celebrate the successful release of her daughter’s visual album…and may have just confirmed the rumors going around.

Tina Knowles posted a pic with the caption, “My baby with a jar of lemonade❤️ we just had a lemonade toast!!!” And in another pic wrote, “Toast to lemonade❤️ B worked so hard on this project day and night ! It was soo important to her to offer something that would bring about healing and hope to the universe! No matter what you’ve gone thru in life you can always come out on the other side! ❤️”

Although she never actually got around to naming names, fans understood her words to be an admission of daughter Beyoncé’s struggles with Jay-Z’s alleged infidelity and her process of healing afterwards.

Followers echoed the sentiment, thanking both Tina and Beyoncé for being their symbols of inspiration in overcoming their own personal challenges:

@menmira4eva wrote, “Bless you and your family!!! Talk about turning lemons to lemonade. Beyoncé gave voice to challenges many women go through. Gives my strength to use my own voice. Love her soo much!!!”

And @bernizzlI commented, “love the fact that this album shows that forgiveness liberates the soul!! enjoy the sweetness. #lifeisgood”

The album’s essence also wasn’t lost on @bmichelleartistry as she complimented, “I’m sooo proud of Beyonce’, what an AMAZING way to illustrate Real Humanity! GOD bless that child. Living transparent isn’t always easy. I’m so grateful she was able to let go. Now she will become much stronger. ? Bravo to her and her family.”

And hundreds more praised Tina for the daughter she has brought up.

We’re sure Tina is basking in the love…for what mother wouldn’t be proud of the levels of success Beyoncé has reached?