Trouble In Tinseltown: Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Close To Calling...

Trouble In Tinseltown: Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Close To Calling It Quits


Not everything is well in Tinseltown, and that’s beside the fact that the Lakers missed the playoffs, lost one of its iconic stars to retirement, and finished as one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, because if you haven’t heard already, Australian rap artist Iggy Azalea and Lakers star Nick Young are currently having their relationship seriously tested, and as of this writing, they are hanging on by a thread to keep their love story afloat.

All this mess started the moment Nick Young’s Laker teammate, talented rookie D’Angelo Russell, decided that it was hip to secretly record conversations he had with his friends and unfortunately for Young, he wasn’t spared. And just in case you have no idea what happened, apparently, Russell got Young to talk about how he cheated on his girlfriend Iggy Azalea with a 19-year-old in a video. And somehow, it leaked online and understandably, the Aussie wasn’t happy about it one bit.

Reports suggest that Azalea, who was supposedly engaged to be married to ‘Swaggy P’ was recently seen at LAX without her engagement ring on. Of course, being the high-profile couple that they are in Hollywood, that simple sighting fired up the rumor mill – suggesting how the two are close to calling the engagement off. And while Azalea has already publicly forgiven her fiancé, she did made it clear how unhappy she was of the entire fiasco.

”I’m not cool with it,” Iggy Azalea said in an interview, talking about the cheating scandal on ‘Orlando & The Freak Show’ on Wild 94.1.

”Like you’ll have half a penis. I already said one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat. I have an actual spoken commitment that you’re going to get married to me and that involves not doing any of those other things.”

The interview where Azalea openly talked about her troubled relationship was a real scoop for the radio station, considering that the Australian rapper would rather be in the news for her music and not her personal life. She did acknowledge the mess on Twitter when she tweeted ”For the record, I haven’t broken up with Nick. We are together and i would love to be given a little (a lot) of privacy on the matter,” before ending it with:

”I always answer questions honestly. But my job is to promote my music, not my relationship. Id love to be interviewed about the former only.”