What Causes Hair Loss?

What Causes Hair Loss?


Most of the time hair loss is associated with men getting older. But what if you are a woman or relatively young? There are other reasons besides gender and age that can cause you to lose your hair. Find out the causes of hair loss.


Most understand that genetics can be one reason why a man loses his hair. However, it can also cause women to be predisposed to hair loss.


Both genders produce male hormones called androgens. High levels of this hormone or others may contribute to hair loss.

Poor Nutrition

Eating a healthy diet helps keep the body functioning efficiently. Without proper nutrition, the body suffers and it shows in many ways. One of these is by hair loss. Research has shown that those who severely restrict their calories or do not eat enough protein can cause hair loss or thinning.


Have you ever been so stressed that you wanted to pull your hair out? It turns out there is no need. If you are put under enough stress, your hair may start to fall out on its own.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can cause hair loss or female pattern baldness. Ringworm caused by a fungal infection, thyroid disease, anemia, lupus, diabetes and eating disorders can cause hair loss. Once the medical problems are treated the hair will return.

However, an autoimmune disease could cause alopecia areata. This occurs when the immune system goes into overdrive and affects the hair follicles. The hair does grow back for most people, but could return finer and a lighter color than before.

Injuries, burns, pregnancy and even x-rays can also cause temporary hair loss.


Certain medications can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs, birth control pills, blood thinners and blood pressure medication can cause temporary loss of hair. Depakote, a medication prescribed to treat epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder can also cause it.

Beauty Products and Treatments

Perms, coloring and bleaching the hair normally doesn’t cause baldness, but those with severe damage may see permanent bald spots.

There are several reasons for hair loss and the issue should be discussed with your doctor. In many cases it can be resolved by determining the cause and receiving treatment.

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