Zac Efron and Sami Miro: broken up?

Zac Efron and Sami Miro: broken up?


Zami out…and Zanessa in?

Zac Efron fans are going wild over the weekend as it looks like the Baywatch hunk has split from his girlfriend of 2 years, Sami Miro.

Because of the rumored “Zami” breakup, a shipping of the “Zanessa” loveteam has been revived – the latter being the couple term attributed to Zac and Vanessa Hudgens (who dated during their High School Musical days).

Not that everyone hated the Zami team to begin with…in fact, fans were highly supportive of the young couple especially when it seemed the two were getting really serious and Zac’s photos looked like a proposal was in the offing.

Unfortunately, something may have happened over the recent days that turned utopia into hell for, suddenly, Zac has removed all traces of Sami on his Instagram and unfollowed her.

It’s not clear yet what may have caused the abrupt disconnection. But rumors are zooming in on Sami allegedly cheating on Zac over the Coachella weekend.

With whom Sami chose to have a ‘good’ time and if this is even true are just some of the questions that have fans going crazy right now. Another question fans are posing is whether Vanessa would enter the picture again (although this might be far off given how she’s currently loved-up in the arms of Austin Butler).

Well, however all this young love drama turns out, what’s impressed us most is the quick ability of fans to notice Zac’s social media actions, to the point of knowing when he unfriended Sami. Incredible stalking abilities, really.