Why did Zac and Sami break up?

Why did Zac and Sami break up?


After nearly two years of dating, Zac Efron and Sami Miro find themselves back on the singles market.

This was made glaringly obvious by Zac’s deletion of all things Sami on his Instagram and by ‘unfollowing’ her.

What was less clear, though, was what instigated the split of a couple who seemed on the verge of foreverhood.

Now, an insider has spoken and given some revealing details on the breakup. As the source succinctly explains, “the spark had died.”

Apparently, Zac and Sami “did not have the same feelings for each other as they did when they first started dating.”

That’s kinda surprising given how – well, from the shallow view we can glean from social media – ‘Zami’ looked as hot for each other as on day one. Just a couple of weeks ago at the MTV Movie Awards, the two were pictured snuggling and looking adoringly into each others’ eyes.

But we guess it wasn’t meant to be, as the source confirmed, “It wasn’t an easy breakup.”

But contrary to the rumors about Sami cheating on Zac at Coachella, the source says it was actually the latter who pulled the plug on the relationship.

“Distance and work schedules got in the way with their relationship and Zac wanted to focus on his career.”

Aww. That’s a sucky thing to hear. But Zami fans can take comfort in how there wasn’t any infidelity involved…which was why the source says Zac still wants to remain friends with Sami.